Do you charge a commission for deposit/ withdrawal of funds?

We do not charge a commission for deposit/ withdrawal. The commission may be charged by the payment system.

How quickly my request for withdrawal of funds will be processed?

The withdrawal of funds is made in manual mode. The processing time of the request is on average 20 minutes. In some cases, the waiting time can be up to 48 hours.


What profit from mining i will get?

You will receive a stable income from 120% per month depending of the amount of your investment.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is: USD 0.5, Bitcoin 0.001, Dogecoin 1000, Litecoin 0.04.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount: USD 0.5, Bitcoin 0.001, Dogecoin 1000, Litecoin 0.04.

What payment systems does the project works?

At the moment we work with payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin.

How quickly does deposit reaches the account balance?

Deposits in the cryptocurrency are credited automatically after 3 confirmations in the network. We can't affect the speed of confirmations in the network in any way. Deposits in USD are credited instantly.

How to deposit in cryptocurrency?

For deposit into cryptocurrency you need: 1. Go to page Deposit. 2. Select the desired cryptocurrency. 3. Generate address for replenishment. 4. Transfer to the received address. 5. Wait 10-20 minutes, confirming the network. If you have any difficulties, write to the support team.


Is there an affiliate program on the project?

Yes, the project has a 1-level affiliate program - 10% of the purchase of a GH/S partner. Also, when registering a partner, you earn 1 GH/S.


What my actions may lead to blocking of the account?

Creating of multiple accounts by one user is strictly prohibited. Inviting of (inactive) users using SEO services and others also prohibited. Besides, any insults to the administration of the project are prohibited. Violation of the rules will lead to the blocking of all accounts!